Pay it forward parties

What's this "pay it forward parties" all about?


The Gold Coast community is an incredibly generous one and we are lucky enough to be slap bang right in the middle!  

We also know that sometimes we want to help others but we just don't know how - so we have come up with a way that you, and we can help out and brighten up a birthday for a child who may need a little love and a community hand up.

We would like, with your help, to provide parties to children who, for one reason or another, may not be ordinarily able to enjoy one.

Real kids, real parties! Real celebrations!


So we are inviting you to buy a party space for one child, for $20.  (You may buy as many as you wish if you want to buy more than one)

Your name will go on our Facebook and website (with your permission) as a donor.

When we have nine spaces purchased, we will pay for the birthday child.

We will then work with local charities to find a local child in need of a little birthday sunshine and provide the party that we joined together to pay for -  for ten children.  The child may be in foster care, unwell, homeless, or otherwise disadvantaged and unlikely to be celebrating without our help.  

They will be given the details of the people who donated to make it happen, although you may also remain anonymous if you wish.

To protect the child's privacy, you will not be given any information about the party or the child.

Want to feel good and help a local child?


If you'd like to put a smile on a child's face, just click on the button below and buy a celebration for a child who may not otherwise get one.  

Feel proud that you did something kind today and know that you have made a difference :) 

Every time we have nine spaces paid for, we will donate the last space and another party will be organised.

There is no limit to how many parties we can do.  

If you support us, we can make someone's birthday special every day of the week!


Yes! I'd like to buy a party spot!


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This will pay for one child to attend a birthday party in our Pay it Forward birthday party giving programme.